Walmart launches vegan leather bags, backpacks and cases from Motile

Walmart has launched a line of vegan leather bags, backpacks and tech accessories from private label Motile. The line is only available on the Walmart website.

Until very recently, tech accessories and style didn’t mix. Laptop cases were generally functional, but nothing more. But Motile’s accessories, described as “Smart accessories for a world without ties”, Looks like they’d be right at home in the fashion influencers feed.

The range includes backpacks, bags, tablet cases and vegan leather cases in colors ranging from classic and luxurious black with gold zippers to cabernet red. The company thinks of professionals – vegan leather bags from the Commuter collection all have wireless charging capabilities. It also includes neoprene sports backpacks and duffel bags for those going from work to the gym.

Additionally, the company makes mint green power cables bound in beige faux leather – just in case you feel the urge to coordinate the colors of your cords with your laptop (without judgment). Motile offers a few other tech accessories, such as two-tone and heather gray charging pads, a Bluetooth mouse and foldable keyboard, as well as a travel organizer.

The beginnings of Motile in Walmart, the world’s largest retailer, reported a change earlier this month. The retail giant is known for its affordability, but not so much for its style. With its chic designs, classic and contemporary color palettes and functionality, Motile’s range is aimed not only at those looking for cruelty-free accessories, but also, like Retail Dive. strong points, “Millennials and Generation Z on the go, digitally savvy. ”

Walmart isn’t the only affordable chain launching a vegan leather interval. Earlier this month, Martha Stewart announced her vegan leather shoe collection, Marthe on a daily basis, with Payless. The collection of 12 shoes features stiletto heels, flats and faux leather stiletto heels in classic colors.

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