This tiny voice-activated sound recorder is on sale for just $40

Whether you are a student trying to record the class, a musician trying to record jams, or a writer expressing their ideas, a good voice recorder is a great tool and an indispensable aid. And right now, you can get the world’s thinnest voice-activated voice recorder for just $39.99 with our sale on the 64G Mini Voice Activated Recorder! This nifty little tool usually sells for around $52, but this month’s sale will net you a 24% discount.

Capable of storing up to 750 hours of crisp, clear audio, the 64G Mini Voice-Activated Recorder is perfect for when you need to take a recorder on the go. It has 24-hour battery life and recharges in two hours, so you spend more time getting the job done and less time waiting for a few batteries to recharge. Even though it fits easily in your pocket, backpack or purse, the 64G mini voice-activated recorder features noise-free 360-degree panoramic recording so you only get the natural sound you want without the clutter of the background. Its uniform voice activation, so it only records when it hears sound, so you can leave it on without having huge gaps in the audio. All for only $39.99 with our 24% discount on the regular price of $52.

You will find that recording important discussions and lectures is easier than ever when you have the 5mm thick 64G mini voice-activated recorder. It’s the device that makes things wildly easy, without having to lug around heavy equipment. It’s a small frame with tons of power.

Get your 64G mini voice recorder now for only $39.99 with our discount off the regular price of $52. Save 24% and hear the world in crisp, clear sound without missing a word.

Prices subject to change.

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