The new Blackview Tab 12 tablet model is on sale

Blackview, the well-known mid-range smart device provider, is on the rise in the global market. Especially in Europe, Africa and Asia, it is catching up with its famous counterparts like realme, Oneplus and Xiaomi. They are ambitiously expanding their portfolio every year and are now breaking the sales record shortly after the launch of the feature-rich Tab 11. To further cement their place in the smart device segment, Blackview is set to launch a tablet called the Tab 12. Which according to Blackview is the standout upgrade over the hugely popular Tab 8 of 2020 The update is mainly based on an improved display, a smarter operating system and a battery with better endurance. But there’s more to expect with the new Tab 12.

fashionable design

From curved design to flat edge + only 423g + three unique colors.

In appearance, as a further refinement of the Tab 8 which features curved edges, the Tab 12 has adopted the recent trend for flat-edged design. Which can also be seen on Apple iPad pro and other tablets from smart device giants like Huawei and Samsung. The slate has an aluminum alloy back with a matte finish and a glass front. Weighing only 423g and measuring 239.2mm in length, 157.93mm in width and 7.4mm in thickness.

When held in the hand, the Tab 12 sits comfortably in the hand with a silky feel, yet firm grip. Plus, it’s compact enough to fit effortlessly in a purse, backpack, or school bag. And to catch up with the best aesthetic pursuit of users, Blackview designers offer Tab 12 in three unique colors, which are most likely to win the hearts of its buyers. Specifically Twilight Blue, Lunar Silver and Space Grey.

Improved display

10.1 inch FHD+ screen + resolution up to 1200*1920 pixels

In terms of display, Tab 12 basically shares the same specs as Tab 8 with a 10.1-inch screen and 1200*1920 pixel resolution. Thanks to its maximum brightness up to 3.0×106 nits and the FHD+ IPS panel, the display is colorful and pixel-dense. Everything viewed on Tab 12, from the website to Tiktok and photos on Instagram, is crisp, clean and vivid.

Blackview has also shrunk the Tab 12’s bezels aggressively this time around, bringing it down to 80% screen-to-body ratio. But unlike its predecessor, the Tab 12 carries a screen with In-cell technology. State-of-the-art technology that makes the screen thinner, brighter and clearer than ever before. Especially when it comes to browsing photos and watching live streams, users can explore unlimited vividness, clarity and contrast.

Unisoc SC9863A more mature and efficient

From 128 GB to 1 TB of expandable memory

Under the hood, the Tab 12 is equipped with Unisoc SC9863A, an 8-core chipset with cores running up to 1.6 GHz. This chipset has stood the test of the market when used in the Tab 8, indicating its reliable performance stability over time. Although the Unisoc SC9863A isn’t the most powerful chipset among mid-range tablets, it will handle all basic tasks including multitasking and massive data processing with…