Storage Rentals of America 1604 CAMP Public Sale Notice | Auction

Storage Rentals of America Public Sale Notice 1604 CAMP LANE, ALBANY, GA 31707 The following tenant (s) property will be sold for cash to satisfy rental privileges in accordance with Georgia Code 10-4-210 et seq. For Privilege Statues of Georgia. All items will be sold or otherwise disposed of. The sale will be made online at on January 20, 2022 at 1:00 p.m. EST. All goods will be sold as is. Not all items or spaces may be available at the time of sale. All sales are final and a refundable cleaning deposit of $ 100 is required for all sales. A15 / Dontavious Green VARIOUS BOXES, CHAIRS, VACUUM CLEANER, EASYBAKE OVEN, SMOKER, CARPET CLEANER A312 / Delores Ponder SOFA, VARIOUS. FURNITURE, CHRISTMAS DECOR, BH10 BAGS / Charlease Blackshear HEATER, O108 / Autumn Harper BAGS TOTES, MISCELLANEOUS. FURNITURE, ELECTRIC HEATING, LUGGAGE, LADDER, SHOPVAC O629 / Lackiea Moore TABLES, DECORATIVE CHAIRS, MISCELLANEOUS. FURNITURE, LAMPS, GAME CHAIR 0722 / Michael Eason SOFA, TABLES, CHEST OF DRAWER, STOVE, WINDOW AC O115 / Tanisha Glover MISCELLANEOUS. FURNITURE, TV O309 / Robert Haire MISCELLANEOUS BOXES, MUSIC EQUIPMENT, CHEST 0406d / Shannon Dopson CHILDREN’S TOYS, SHELVES O547 / Camelita Rosario VARIOUS BOXES, CHILDREN’S TOYS, LUGGAGE, STOOL O633 / Veronica Anthony JOUETS, FURNITURE75 AND BOXES , FURNITURE, CHAIRS, CHEST OF DRAWERS, A79 TV / Porsche Green TV, LUGGAGE, CHILDREN’S TOYS O716 / Ralph Phillips BOXES, FURNITURE, FILES, CHAIRS, LADDER O712 / Carolyn Williams FURNITURE, TABLE, STEPS, TV, PLAYER