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Around 1925, the city of Rome formed the firm. This premium company is well-known around the globe for its handbags. The firm sells a variety of bags in various designs, from classic to more modern.


This famous brand was launched in 1900 in France and has developed a cult following. They’re always stylish, from “flap” bags to various quilted designs and much more.

Vuitton Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton grew from a well-known trunk designer in France to become one of the most famous and recognized handbag manufacturers. The brand’s monogrammed bags are its signature. They do, however, provide a variety of styles.

Kors Michael

Michael Kors, a New York designer who founded the firm in the 1980s, is a newcomer to the luxury handbag sector. Popular with young women, the brand offers a diverse selection of handbags in both modern and traditional styles.


From the early 1800s, the brand produced saddles and other horse accessories in France. Their leather handbags, clutches, and backpacks are currently among the most abundant industry.