Lumio reading light is now on sale at 60% off

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Anyone who has decorated their home before knows how painful buying traditional lamps can be. Finding the right shade for your base or the base of your lampshade is as much a math problem as it is a design decision, and even choosing the right bulb can seem like a chore if you are unfamiliar with the types of light. that different bulbs emit.

If this all seems too much to you, you might be better off purchasing an all-in-one table lamp to meet your lighting needs. This is exactly what Lumio, the maker of the aesthetically pleasing and downright interesting Lito reading light, offers. Right now, the Lito Classic portable light is on sale for up to 60% off at Nordstrom (depending on color).

If the Lito sounds familiar to you, you can’t imagine a thing. In 2015, Lumio founder Max Gunawan made his elevator pitch on Shark aquarium. Its products, including the reading light, were so well received that several sharks made offers to secure their participation and develop Lumio. Today, Lumio is one of the most popular Shark Tank products.

Lumio’s normally over $ 200 (now $ 80) light is modeled after a book, with the light portion existing between the “pages.” This makes the product one of a kind, but what takes the Lito up a notch is its portability and ability to transform into two additional lights. Open the book and the pages expand to create an even bigger source of light. You can lay the book flat or pull the front and back covers down to create a gorgeous circular paper lamp that looks like an elongated accordion. Durable Tyvek pages remain straight in both configurations. The versatility of the Lito can be designed to fit multiple locations in your home, acting as an eye-catching bedside lamp, bright desk lamp, and more.

Make the Lito lamp mobile by using the product’s magnetic clips to carry the circular configuration like a handbag. Take this portable LED light outside to use as a night light for your outdoor space. It could also be an additional light source when entertaining outside or serve as a companion on a night walk. Plus, in the event of a power failure, it’s a chic alternative to your basic flashlight.

Fully charged, the Lito’s built-in LED light can last up to eight hours and has a slightly lighter level of brightness than a 40-watt bulb. You can easily charge the Lumio reading light with a USB cable (included with the purchase, but not with a corresponding wall outlet). The Lito Classic portable lamp in yellow / gray is available at 60% off and you can also get the wooden version of the lamp at 40% off. Buy this limited time sale now at

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