Kate Spade surprise deal: This $280 bag is on sale today for just $59

Now that you’ve seen the bags, we bring you the reviews. Here’s what Kate Spade shoppers think of the bestseller Monica shoulder bag.

“Nice purse. I love the soft leather of this purse. It was the perfect size for my wallet, phone, keys, and a few other items. I love it so much I’m considering replacing it. ‘buy in other colors.’

“Incredible price. Affordable and very useful for everyday use.”

“It was the perfect shoulder bag. Just the right size for hands-free shopping.”

“Very comfortable. Perfect size for theater and travel.”

“It’s the perfect size I needed to carry the small amount of items I carry (phone, keys, wallet, pens, Chapstick, AirPods and deodorant).”

“I love the feel of the leather, it’s a really nice neutral spring color. This handbag is perfect for a casual night out when you don’t need to take the whole kitchen sink with you. The handbag makes you feel happy, even when it’s hanging in the closet! Just a sleek, sleek handbag that you can take anywhere.”

“I LOVE this bag! It’s the perfect little purse! I love big bags, but this is literally the best everyday purse. I can grab it on the way out and not feel overwhelmed with a lot of stuff. It contains just what you need.”