Inside the Queen’s handbag collection including Launer accessories valued at £ 8,000

The Queen is never seen without a handbag on her arm, and it has now been revealed how much her collection of stylish bags is worth.

Whenever we are treated with a special appearance from Her Majesty, our days immediately brighten up, especially when she is wearing iconic bright colors.

However, there is one accessory that you never see her without and it’s a trusty handbag that she keeps by her side.

Wash London, who has held a Royal Warrant since 1968, has provided the monarch with over 200 bags – and here we break down how much they’re worth …

The Queen is known to always have a purse with her

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The most popular bag, which the Queen sports on most of her outings, is the famous black patent Traviata bag which comes with a gold clasp.

Whether she’s participating in a public appearance or welcoming visitors to one of her palaces, this iconic accessory is always with her.

The bag is available for purchase here – but it is not cheap and will cost you £ 1,900.

The Queen has been a fan of Launer bags throughout her reign on the throne
The Queen has been a huge fan of Launer bags throughout her reign on the throne

On top of that, Her Majesty is also a fan of other styles, including the ‘Adagio’, which we saw sporting in black and cream, priced at £ 1,800.

She also owns the ‘Encore’ at £ 1,680, the ‘Bellini’ is worth £ 1,750, while the ‘Royale’ sells for £ 2,150.

In addition to being offered or presented with bags from the luxury brand, the Queen is said to have kept bags that the brand provided to the Queen Mother, which automatically puts a high price on their value due to their sentimental value.

The Queen wore a cream-colored bag to Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding in 2011
The Queen wore a cream-colored bag to Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding in 2011

Throughout her reign on the throne, although the Queen is a fan of colorful outfits, her handbags were mostly black or cream patent.

The Queen made sure to take one of the models with her on a special day in 2011, when her grandson, Prince William, married Kate Middleton.

For the occasion, Her Majesty opted for a cream color to complete her sunny yellow ensemble.

The Duchess of Cornwall visited the handbag factory in January 2020
The Duchess of Cornwall visited the Launer handbag factory in January 2020

In January 2020, the Duchess of Cornwall went shopping and visited the famous bag factory.

We have seen Camilla sporting several colourways of the ‘Lulu’ bag on several occasions. In 2018, she accessorized her white outfit with a coordinating clutch for a visit to the RAF Centennial Event at Westminster Abbey.

We’re lovers of the Royal Family’s incredible wardrobe of fashionable items, but we think their collection of handbags could take the place of the winners.

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