I bought someone’s Coach bag at a chaotic sample sale

Let a Coach bag unite two content creators.

Sasha Narang, TikTok User asked for help from his followers find the woman whose handbag she bought at a hectic sample sale.

“So, I’m in the store, aren’t I?” And I see this really cute Coach bag, so I bought it,” Sasha explains in a clip, holding a white shoulder bag with embroidered pastel flowers.

“I bought it,” she said, before revealing, “It’s someone else’s bag!”

Narang unpacked the contents of the bag, revealing everything from a cartoon frog style purse to cash and makeup.

“There’s money…there’s all the cards in their life,” she fanned the cards – covering personal information – into the camera.

Luckily, the owner’s ID was included in the bag, so Narang just needed to narrow down his search to find the right Ashley Kwon.

Sasha Narang asked her followers to help reunite the Coach bag with its rightful owner.

“We have to find her!” Everyone, please find Ashley,” she asked viewers for help.

“I’m not going to take anything,” Narang promised the owner directly. “But Ashley, if you watch this, I’ll keep her safe.”

“Why did they sell it to me?” she wondered again.

Narang further explained in the comments that she bought this bag during a “mass sale, so all bags, dresses, etc. had the same price for the category. No beacons.

“Also, I didn’t look in the bag because it was a CHAOTIC sale and I had credit I was desperate to spend, so I dived in so fast,” she explained with another commentator.

The next day, Ashley Kwon – also a content creator – Narang’s TikTok duotelling her followers that she got her bag back.

“She and her friends [really] look for [through] all Ashley Kwons on Facebook – Actually a blessing,” the rightful owner of her video captioned.

Eventually, Narang (right) found Ashley Kwon (left).
Eventually, Narang (right) found Ashley Kwon (left).

In a follow-up TikTok, Kwon explained in more detail that she had put her handbag down at the same sample sale and couldn’t find it. Narang told her that she found it in a trash can with other bags for sale.

Kwon finally laughed off the whole ordeal, commenting on Narang’s original post, SHE FOUND ME GUYS I GOT MY BAG BACK! We have a fun story to tell now LOLL.

The confusion even caught the attention of Coach’s official TikTok account, who commented on Kwon’s post, “I love a happy ending!”

According to the content creators, the luxury brand also rewards them each with a gift.