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Minimalist leather goods (bags in particular) sell well, but Anson CalderHandcrafted bags and accessories emphasize modularity and functionality, making them worthy of a second look. Much like sushi, which masks its need for the right ingredients, technical skill, and balance in what appears to be a simple dish of rice and fish, we’re in awe of the brand’s emphasis on practical solutions to food. daily needs combined with a mastery of the technique that masks the complexities of creating its seemingly simple products.

Made in Los Angeles with leather imported from a family-owned French tannery that supplies leather to the world’s most prominent luxury brands, the Salt Lake City-based company’s line of wallets, bags and accessories highlights value function as proudly as design.

“I made our first prototype out of printer paper and packing tape when I was bored on a recall while working on Wall Street,” admits Calder. It featured an inventive center cutout to make the cards more accessible. This prototype lasted for nine months of daily use and ultimately inspired him to try and create it in leather. He keeps on, “[My wife and I] saw it as a potential hobby and something we could do together… The next thing we knew our hobby became a side project that turned into an opportunity enough that I didn’t go back to Wall Street ”, and the brand was born.

From those humble beginnings, the brand has sought to reduce the disconnect between functional products, luxury and artisanal manufacturing. “On the one hand, there are many high-quality luxury products. They look good; they feel good. But they are not at all functional. On the other hand, you have functional products that make our days easier, but they’re bulky and devoid of style, ”says Curtis Calder. “Fashion and function don’t have to be mutually exclusive. It’s paying attention to every detail, every stitch and how everything comes together to make every day a little easier and more stylish. Why can’t luxury items perform better? And why can’t functional items look better? “

It’s not that Anson Calder necessarily reinvented the wheel, as they say, but they took the functional shortcomings into account and incorporated them into their own vision for luxury goods. Wallets have always been bulky and folded, and card wallets rarely do much but store more stuff than we actually need. Their card holder is the solution to the aforementioned problems – well, a slim wallet with a thoughtful design and beautifully executed.

Their bags, with premium MOLLE style leather straps inside and out, support a range of accessories for most everyday carrying needs – laptops, tablets, cables, umbrellas, keys, headphones and more – keep things organized, dry and easily accessible. Backpack zippers open nearly 360 degrees to give unrestricted access to items stored at the bottom.

This tinkering with leather as a way to escape Wall Street was actually more than a hobby; Calder explains that it was initially to compensate for advances in facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy, a genetic condition that affects muscles. Along with the company, through outreach and donations, he is connected to a community of people diagnosed with FSHD. A portion of the proceeds from each Anson Calder purchase is donated to FSH Company—The “FSHD Orange” colorway redoubles its efforts by using the color adopted by the Society. The natural attention their products generate – for their quality and thoughtful design – translates into momentum for positive action.

Anson Calder accessories like their iphone case start at $ 80 and their bags go over around $ 1400 for the Weekend.

Images courtesy of Anson Calder

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