Everglades Handbag Collection supports ecosystem restoration

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The Palmetto Bay-based Everglades Foundation recently announced the launch of a new Everglades Handbag Collection capsule made in collaboration with designer Kent Stetson, who creates artfully distinct handbags, and Mac Stone, a National Geographic photographer and conservation.

The collection of pouches, handcrafted by Kent Stetson and featuring Mac Stone’s iconic photographs of Everglades wildlife and habitat, is available for purchase starting in November, with half of the proceeds going to work of the Everglades Foundation to restore and protect the American Everglades.

“I am grateful for the opportunity to join forces with the Everglades Foundation to create an enduring collection that celebrates the beauty of the Everglades and gives back to the preservation of this vulnerable ecosystem,” said Stetson. “Our pieces are collectibles that can be used to spark conversations about the importance of restoring the Everglades to Florida’s future.”

The unique line of handbags will be available for purchase at kentstetson.com in two sizes.

“My job as a photographer is to remind the world of the natural treasure that we are responsible for managing and protecting,” said Stone, member of the board of directors of the Everglades Foundation. Fortunately, one of the greatest natural areas on the planet has its own dedicated champion with the Everglades Foundation, and I am honored to support their mission by donating my work to this limited series of Everglades handbags. The Everglades are all around us, all the time in South Florida; it permeates and influences everything, and I want people to internalize it, embrace it and most importantly wear it with pride.

For a quarter of a century, the Everglades Foundation’s commitment to restoring and protecting the Everglades has been guided by science. Founded in 1993 by two outdoor enthusiasts – Paul Tudor Jones II and the late George Barley – the Everglades Foundation works tirelessly to bring people together and provide a powerful voice for Everglades restoration at the state and national levels. Today, the Everglades Foundation is an authoritative and respected source for scientific research on the Everglades. To learn more, visit EvergladesFoundation.org.

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