Daughter is devastated as mum’s designer bags are stolen months after her death

Thieves have stolen thousands of pounds of designer bags belonging to a grieving daughter’s mother. Olivia Becks lost her mother on Boxing Day last year after a long battle with illness.

The items were stolen from her car while she was in Barcelona for the weekend. Olivia said she kept her mother’s collection in the trunk of her car because she thought it would be safer than having them in her shared student house.

She said the stolen property had huge sentimental value.

The 23-year-old final year student of broadcasting at Nottingham Trent University said: “I also live with other people and it’s a student house. People come in and out quite frequently.”

She left for Barcelona for the weekend and it was shortly after returning on Monday May 9 that she discovered her car window had been smashed – and valuables were missing, Nottinghamshire reportsLive.

The total loss is estimated at over £7,000. Among the items seized was a collection of designer bags and other high-brand items. They all belonged to his mother.

Melissa Fallon was 49 when she died on the morning of December 26. Along with collecting bags, Olivia also left Christmas presents that she felt unable to unwrap. They were also in the car.

She said, “I haven’t been able to open them yet because it was too soon. So I don’t even know what was in them. I realized everything was taken.”

Ms Becks parked her car in Waverly Street, opposite Nottingham High School. She reported the incident to the police shortly after realizing what had happened.

Olivia Becks (right) pictured with her mother Melissa Fallon

Damage to the car’s window could also cost £350 to repair. She is now appealing to anyone who has seen the bags to contact her. She added, “It’s like they took pieces of her away. I’m just devastated.”

Inspector Paul Fergusson, Nottinghamshire Police, said: ‘Officers are investigating a reported theft from a car in Waverly Street, Nottingham, which occurred sometime between Thursday 5th and Monday 9th May .

“We understand how upsetting incidents like this are for victims and are currently working to trace the person(s) responsible. To that end, we would like to hear from anyone with information about this case – particularly if a bag handbag was offered to them for sale from an unexpected source.

Anyone with information is asked to call 101 quoting incident 296 of May 9, 2022.